The Read Family

Stephanie and Dan Read live in Utah and have four children, Locke (10), Breckyn (8), Rizden "Riz" (4), and Aberdeen "Berdee" (1). Stephanie is a photographer, homeschooler and co creator of Salt Project, sharing local activities to do in their city every week. She shares a bit about how reading looks in their home below:

Image by  Samantha Kelly
A children's story which is only enjoyed by children is a bad children's story -C.S. Lewis  

"This quote rings true to me. If I'm going to be reading books to my children, I want to love them as much as they do! I also want my children to know and love good literature. We have found a love for the classics, books that we are all reading together for the first time. Everything from Peter Pan to Anne of Green Gables. We have all fallen head over heels for these beautiful stories."