Photo by Natalie Shelton


Hi there. My name is Heather Hawkins, mother of two and a children's book enthusiast. In January 2016, after sorting through and reading aloud all the books my kids received for Christmas, I found that some did not live up to their beautifully illustrated covers and would likely be left on the shelf unread. The sheer volume of books can be daunting; who has time to sort through them? Here at Tiny Readers, we aim to feature books that are not only easy on the eyes, but also great reads that both you and your children will enjoy reading over, and over, and over. 

We have developed unique online tools to help you choose your next read, including reviews, top 10 lists and features from other contributing parents.

Upon launching Tiny Readers, we have added a diverse amount of books to our library, and hope that all of you who love reading to your children do too!

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